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SubliStop : for sublimed fabrics

SubliStop is a CMYK transfer technique that we specially developed to avoid any color bleeding. This phenomenon is often bound to the sublimation of some fabrics such as Softshell and polyester.

Thus, this screen-printed transfer was made to avoid any color bleeding.

SubliStop has a special coat acting like a real fence. Therefore, your transfer colors are protected.


Even if SubliStop can be used for any textile support, it is truly intended to softshell clothes or sublimated polyester.

  • Sublimated polyester or softshell clothes : bibs, coats, trousers, basketball jerseys, cycling suit, football jerseys...



  • 60°C care
  • Cold peel
  • Possibility of free tests on your textile


  • Blocks the color bleeding
  • Color protection
  • High covering capacity (super opaque transfer)
  • Ironable



>> Product sheet information SubliStop

Good to know !

The unwanted effect of color bleeding from the textile to the transfer can happen several days (of even weeks) after you pressed the transfer.

This is why it is important to test the transfer on your sublimated fabric before. Therefore, you are invited to contact us via our contact form to receive a sample kit in order to do tests, directly on your support.