What is a screen printed heat transfer?

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Heat transfer and its advantages

What is a screen-printed transfer ?

Screen printed transfers are screen-prints onto release paper, with the inks subsequently transferred onto the destination textile, plastic, or non-woven fabric when hot

The application of the transfer is carried out with a heat-press which maintains the correct temperature for the transfer. 


Transfert Sérigraphique savoir faire PMT

The advantages of screen-printed transfers

  • Assuring durable print quality : Screen-printed transfers are THE ideal solution for a durable result, unlike digital transfers that tend to degrade with repetitive washing. Indeed, our screen-printed transfers maintain their properties, even after many machine washes.
  • Fine details : it is perfectly suited to printing technical artwork, drawings, photos, as single colour or multicolour transfers.
  • No additional cutting-out : our printing technique requires no cutting-out of the transfers, only the ink is transferred across. Edges are crisp and the transfers arrive ready to apply. No trimming needed !
  • Usage appropriate for difficult materials : Screen-printed transfers are compatible with difficult supports such as weatherproofs, umbrellas, luggage... Application can be adapted to the support. For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • An economical benefit : Screen-printed transfer are financially appealing, especially for images that require several colours or photographique illustrations. No need for ink stocks, financial investment, machinery maintenance, consumables, hence no extra costs! You only spend when you sell! It is ideal for advertising campaigns and for promotional products.


Screen-printed transfers are compatible with which supports ?

Being very elastic, screen-printed transfers can be applied to many products, on both light and dark fabrics.

This branding technique is perfectly adapted to caps, t-shirts, parkas, socks, luggage, umbrellas...

All our transfers are all developed and tested by our Research and Development team to be compatible with a wide variety of materials. We constantly innovating!


Applying a screen-printed transfer with a heat-press

Following you order on Printmytransfer.com, you will receive your ready-to-apply transfers. To quickly and permanently brand your textiles, you’ll need to use a purpose made heat-press. In order to provide you with a comprehensive service, we also offer a selection of presses to meet your needs.

Discover our  selection of made-in-France SEFA heat presses.

To guide you through your transfer application, full instructions are included for the screen-printed transfer technology you have chosen. These will allow you to brand your advertising or professional garments correctly. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our advisers on our multilingual online live-chat or by email to assistance@printmytransfer.com. We would be happy to guide you in applying your transfers.