What is a screen printed heat transfer?

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Heat transfer and its advantages

What is screen-printed transfer ?

Screen-printed transfer consists in transferring on a textile material, while it is hot, screen-printing inks laid on an intermediary transfer paper.

This operation is made with a heatpress which is kept at an adapted temperature to apply the transfer.



Transfert Sérigraphique savoir faire PMT

The advantages of screen-printed transfer

  • Insuring a long-lasting transfer quality : screen-printed transfer is THE ideal solution to have a long-lasting result, unlike digital transfer that tends to degrade after repetitive washings. Indeed, our screen-printed transfers keep their properties, even after many machine washings.
  • A great finesse of details : it’s perfectly adapted to printing technical artworks, drawings, photos, for single color and multicolor transfers.
  • No supplementary cut : this marking method doesn’t need cutting, only ink is reported. Edges are clear and the transfers are ready to apply. No trimming needed !
  • A use adapted to delicate materials : screen-printed transfer is adapted do delicate material such as windbreakers, umbrellas, luggage... The pressing conditions are adapted to the material and the matter. For any advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • An economical interest : screen-printed transfer is economically interesting, especially for pictures that need several colors of photo illustrations. No ink stock, no investments, no machine care, no consumable... No extra costs ! You only buy when you sell ! It is ideal for advertising campaigns and for promotional products.


Screen-printed transfers are adapted to which supports ?

Because it is very elastic, heat transfer can be put on many products, on light fabric as well as on dark ones.

This marking method is perfectly adapted to caps, t-shirts, parkas, socks, luggage, umbrellas...

Our transfers are all developed and tested by our Research and development service to be adapted to many matters. We always look for innovation !

Apply the screen-printed transfer with a heatpress

After you order on Printmytransfer.com, you will receive your ready-to-apply transfers. To definitely and efficiently mark your textiles, you’ll need to use a specialized heat press machine. To offer you a full quality service, we also offer a selection of presses adapted to your needs.

Discover now our range of SEFA heat press machine, made in France.

To guide you during your textile marking, you will find pressing instructions in your package, adapted to the screen-printed transfer techniques you have chosen. You will be able to customize your advertising and professional clothes in the best conditions. If you have any question, please, don’t hesitate to contact one of our advisers on our multilingual online chatbox or directly to assistance@printmytransfer.com. We would be happy to help you in pressing your transfers.