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Backstage at PrintMyTransfer, a service provided by Seripress

Seripress entreprise de transferts sérigraphiques

Seripress  is one of the European leaders for making ready-to-press screen-printed transfers and laser cut transfers, in sheets and custom-made.

This French family run business has safe-guarded its screen-printing expertise and evolved with the times for more than 45 years.

Since its creation in 1976, Seripress has been developing and specialising screen-print transfer technology for application to textiles. Integrating the latest technology, its fully automated processes produce millions of items per year across more than twenty different transfer techniques.

Seripress has built a technical expertise guaranteeing a high quality, diversified, and constantly updated offer.

Attentive to its customers and the latest innovations, Seripress wanted to professionals in advertising and branding professionals to be able to order their CMYK and single color transfers autonomously. The PrintMyTransfer website was launched in 2015. A custom designed, fully integrated software interface that offers a wide range of functions, together with exclusive web prices and lead times!! has established itself the tool for online ordering of multicolor, monochrome transfers and laser cut transfers. Notably, you can access seriQuadri, SeriOne, SubliStop, SeriLight, SuperWhite... Transfers perfectly adapted for applying to t-shirts, caps, luggage, parkas, umbrellas, totebags and other supports for all your textile communications and occasions.

Easy access to PrintMyTransfer special offers and services whilst enjoying Seripress’ quality and expertise.

A full team of advisers is dedicated to monitoring your orders, providing after-sales service, and guiding you during the experience.

A passionately interested and interesting team !

What make Seripress so strong are the brains and hands that are hiding behind your screens !

A dynamic, balanced team reinforcing individuals with more than 25 years valuable experience with the youthful curiosity and innovative vigour of the newest family members.

Most notable is their shared passion for their craft (their daily good humour speaks volumes!). Whether in production, pre-press, infographics, marketing, sales, or the R&D sections, each is a driving force in their domaine! We’re never bored at PrintMyTransfer / Seripress!

Passionate personalities that underpin the success of the company and its new production tools.

Should you reach out via our PrintMyTransfer online live-chat, email, or by ‘phone, you will likely communicate with :


Key account manager


Regional sales for
France / Portugal



Regional sales for
France / Benelux / English speaking countries



Regional sales for
France / Germany



Regional sales for
France / Northern Europe



Regional sales for
France / Spain

Looking to the future

Seripress has an ever-present desire to evolve and progress.

Our specialisation in screen-printed transfers allows us to focus our R&D resources on delivering innovative technical solutions and tackling new challenges. We seek, research, and test new solutions for delicate fabrics, colour intensity, complex graphics, environmental responsibility, washing durability, use of the heat press, special effects...

But progress does not stop there! All our sections (HR, sales, marketing, graphic designers...) are open to change and are adopting new working methods. Don’t miss our latest news and updates: Follow us on our social media or subscribe to our newsletter !


Environmental Awareness

Our technical progress also allows us to focus upon ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. We become better for this.

Hence, by Seripress offers screen-printed transfers free of any PVCs, phthalates, BPA, or formaldehydes. They comply with the most rigorous REACH and OEKO-TEX standards, the standard “for babies”.

All production and commercial services are located in the town of Saint-Marcellin, in the Isère region (38) of France. The production channel is compact, with enhanced liaison and communication between departments.

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