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Heat transfers : our expertise

Transfert Sérigraphique savoir faire PMT

Strong expertise in screen-printed transfers and laser cut transfers for professionals

Seripress has adapted and evolved ever since 1976 in response to an ever-changing World. This capacity for adaptation and anticipation is one of our strengths and integral to our expertise.

Today, and for more than 45 years, our team and our equipment are increasingly specialised; developing, testing, pushing back the boundaries of screen-printed transfers and laser cut transfers.

Currently, Seripress offers more than twenty screen-printed transfer technologies to fashion and marketing professionals. By virtue of their different attributes, they are compatible with many fabrics and supports.

We have striven to improve our skills and expertise year-after-year, and we are proud to offer high quality French made products..

All our sections (production, after-sales service...) are in located in the town of Saint-Marcellin, in the Isère region, which makes the sharing skills and knowledge much easier. Each of us can contribute our expertise to the processes of production. A team endeavour to offer you the best in the field of screen-printed transfers, laser cut and customer experience.

This accrued expertise, acknowledged by fellow professionals, makes Seripress one of Europes foremost companies in our domaine.

R&D integral to the working day

We actively seek to question, improve, and innovate as we take on challenges. R&D underpins our working day, and all of us contribute new ideas and goals. A dedicated team has been created to focus on innovating, developing, testing, and bringing online excellent products and services for screen-printed transfers, laser cut transfers.

This field being in constant evolution, we strive to develop the best solutions to match the progress in textiles and promotional support materials. For example, we carry out extensive testing on delicate fabrics: We evolve our transfer technologies, optimise our production, and streamline dispatching.

To further your creative freedom, we are always pushing towards thinner lines, greater detail, and higher precision in our ready-to-apply transfers.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility

Our objective is to develop new transfer technologies to cater to your specific requirements whilst striving for ever-better environmental responsibility.

Our expertise and experience enable branding technologies that are more eco-friendly and environmentally responsible. Notably, our screen-printed transfers are free of phthalates, PVC, and BPA. They are fully compliant with both OEKO-TEX requirements for the most demanding classification, and the European REACH stipulations.

In the context of the preservation of our planet, we are attentive to progress in the world of textiles. We carry out meticulous testing on recyclable and sustainable fabrics so that we can offer you the best printing solutions. We want our products to be fully compatible with eco-friendly materials to enable their selection as a preferred choice. If you are a professional in the fields of fashion, textiles, manufacture or marketing of green/recyclable/vegan materials or fabrics, please do not hesitate to send us samples of your green/recyclable products: We would be delighted to learn about them, and test compatibility with our screen-printed transfers.



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