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Seripress attaches the utmost importance to privacy, personal data protection and respect of applicable legal provisions.

This privacy policy aims to give a simple, clear and complete information to people about their data processing set up by Seripress as head of processing.

This policy covers the processing for :

The management of the websites & and requests sent from the online forms on these websites :

  • Sending Seripress or PrintMyTransfer newsletter
  • The employee recruitment
  • The management of Seripress or PMT customers, service providers and partners.

For all these processings, Seripress decides the means and purposes and acts as the processing head implementing the regulation of personal data and especially the EU regulation 2016/679 which governs the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (below ”GDPR”).

In this Policy, “Seripress”, “we” and “our” are referring to :

Seripress, Société par Actions Simplifiée (S.A.S) whose headquarters are located at 568 Avenue de Romans, 38160 St Marcellin - France

Registered at the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés of Grenoble as 349 138 065 and represented by Victor Thomas as President.


1. Applicable generalities to every processing set up by Seripress

For every processing, Seripress ensures the respect of fundamental principles of general data protection. This section informs you about generalities applicable to every processing covered by this policy. Section II details, for every processing, specific terms and conditions for setting up the processing.

A. Collected data minimization

Every form on the website restricts the collection of personal data to a strict minimum and indicated the purpose(s) of this data collection and their recipient(s).

Data which are essential to manage your request are notified by an asterisk on each form. If you don’t fill in these essential fields, Seripress will not be able to meet your demand.

For minimization purposes and as Seripress activities are almost only offered to professionals, the website forms are configured to accept professional email addresses only (except for job application form). For any complaint, please, send an email to

 B. Sharing of personal data to a third party and data transfer outside the European Union

We never share your personal data with other companies for marketing purposes.

Every section dedicated to processing details internal recipients destined to access and process the affected data. Data might be given to technical service providers, chosen for their skills and reliability, acting in our name and following our instructions (IT sub-contractor, web host, etc.).

These service providers are only allowed to use your personal data if it is necessary to help out in our name or to respect law requirements. We do our best to permanently protect your personal data.

Seripress might have to communicate your data to a third party if it is required by law, regulation measures or court ruling, or if this communication is required to insure the protection and defense of our rights.

These third parties can be from countries being part or not of the European Union (”EU”), notably from countries that don’t offer the same general data protection level as your home country. In this case and within the realms of applicable laws, we will make sure to :

  • get your express and non-ambiguous consent for sharing your personal data with this third party ;
  • or conclude contracts for data transfer, conforming as a minimum to standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission ;
  • or insure that this third party, for example located in the USA, is a company which has accepted the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and is registered as such in the American administration.

 C. Security of personal data

Seripress has committed itself to protect your personal data against every loss, destruction, alteration, access or unauthorized disclosure. Thereby, Seripress sets up appropriate technical and organizational measures, in relation to the data nature and the risks implied by processing, to insure security and confidentiality of your personal data, especially to protect them from being deformed, damaged or that unauthorized third parties have an access to them.

These measures may include practices such as a limited access to your data by the staff of the services authorized to access because of their functions, contractual guarantees if a service provider is needed, studies of impact on privacy, regular examination of our practices and privacy policy and/or measures of physical and/or logical (secured access, authentication process, back-up copies, antivirus software, firewall, etc.) security.

 D. Minors’ data

Seripress products are not intended for minors. Thus, we don’t knowingly collect or process personal data related to minors. If we were aware of a minor’s personal data collection without any previous permission of the holder of parental responsibility, we would take appropriate measure to remove these personal data from our servers and/or our service provider’s.


 2. Processing set up by Seripress

 A. Management of Seripress and Printmytransfer websites and requests sent from online forms

When you browse our websites, you may be laid to :

  • talk with a Seripress member of staff via the online chatbox
  • make a contact request via the “Contact” form

As part of this activity and based on the consent you express by accepting the online chatbox and/or by submitting the contact request, Seripress processes and stores your following personal data :

  • To answer you contact request : the information supplied on the form, that is to say your identity, professional contact details (cf. data minimization) and when necessary the message contents and any information given during our exchange. These data are processed by the service related to your request the time needed to answer you.
  • As part of the online chatbox, the conversation history and the technical data related to the session will be stored for 2 years.

In both cases, and depending on your request and our exchange contents, the collected data may be used for other purposes such as managing a cost estimate request ; this processings will then be submitted to terms and conditions pertaining.

We also indicate you that we do anonymous statistics about the website visits, which do not allow us to identify you.

 B. Processing(s) made for promotional purposes of Seripress products

Seripress collects and uses identification data and professional contact details of referent prospects and customers to promote their products and announce novelties.

These data are processed and stored for this purpose by Seripress commercial service with reservation of unsuscribing :

  • For prospects : 3 years starting from the last contact
  • For customers : during the commercial relations and for 3 years starting from the end of the commercial relations

This processing is based on Seripress’s legitimate interest to promote their products. You can refuse to receive our newsletter at any moment without any reason, by clicking on the unsuscribing link integrated in the email or by directly signaling your opposition via contact means, identified in Section III.

 C. Processings made for management purposes of prospects, customers, service providers and partners

Seripress is also laid to process your personal data when :

  • You ask for a cost estimate via the online form on the website or by calling the commercial service.
  • You place an order via the online form on the website or by calling the commercial service.

In this context, Seripress will collect information related to :

  • Contact(s), such as the contact indicated on the form, the main referent for the contract, the invoicing contact and any other contact : name, first name, professional email address, professional phone number, function and any information included in our exchange (request nature, etc.)
  • Contract signatories :  name, first name, function, signature

These data are reserved, as a need, to the staff in charge of monitoring the commercial relations and/or partnership, accounts/invoicing services and staff from the services related to the request/contract.

They are collected and stored :

  • For cost estimate that didn’t succeed to finalize a contract : the time needed for studying and monitoring the request, one year (1) starting from the request (or from the last contact if necessary)
  • For contracts and performing the contract : the time of contractual relations
  • To meet our legitimate interest to insure the protection and defense of our rights in case of dispute, for five years (5) after the end of the contractual relations.

Your contact details may be used to send you Seripress newsletter and novelties. For more information, please, refer to section b) “Processing(s) made for promotional purposes of Seripress products and novelties”

 D. Processing(s) made for recruitment purpose

Seripress is led to process your personal data when you submit a speculative application or apply to an ad posted by Seripress (via “Recruitment” section or on a connection platform such as Indeed for example).

In this context, your personal data are collected :

  • Directly from you during the recruitment process,
  • Indirectly from a third party to confirm your diploma and references, with your permission.

The collected data are : name, first name, email address, phone number, professional experience and all the information you give us via your application and/or curriculum vitae and/or interview : photo, skills, level of studies, spoken languages, salary expectations, personal address, hobbies, marital status etc.

If you communicate references’ contact details (ex. An ex-employer), you have to make sure they were informed and agreed. These data are only collected and stored for managing your application, based on the legitimate interest of Seripress and/or your consent and will not be used for commercial purpose.

They are stored :

  • If the application is successful : data related to employees are stored as long as they are part of Seripress and kept after they leave for the practical legal time.
  • If the application is not successful : for one year (1) except if you oppose it.

Your personal data shall be removed if you demand it within a month from your request. These data are only processed by the staff in charge of Seripress recruitment.


 3. Exercise of your rights and terms and conditions to contact our data protection officer

You hold a right to information, access, rectification, removal, portability of your personal data, which are processed by Seripress. You also can request their limitation and be opposed to their processing.When you exercise your rights, our data protection officer processes your personal data to manage your request (titles, names, first names, ID card copy, request nature, given answer). These data are stored for three years (3), except for the ID copy which is stored for one year (1).

You can exercise these rights or ask any question related to your personal data management by Seripress by contacting :

  • By email :
  • By mail : Seripress - 568, Avenue de Romans - 38160 St Marcellin - FRANCE

If there is a reasonable doubt concerning the claimant identity, credentials could be asked.


4. Information about cookie management

A “cookie” is a small file which is stored on your computer and allows you to browse from one website page to another while keeping your browsing parameters.

When you browse Seripress or Printmytransfer website, you can decide to authorize or not cookie storage on your computer. If you choose not to use cookies, you may be deprived of some functionalities present on the website.

Printmytransfer and Seripress websites use two sorts of cookies :

  • One for the ongoing session to make sure the website properly loaded when you access it through your browser. This cookie is removed when you close the browser.
  • A persistent cookie that identifies users when they connect or get to one of its pages. By default, this cookie is stored for 5 years.

We only collect and store the information related to the traffic on websites via an analytical solution, in an anonymous way : the number of unique visitors, the number of pages viewed, the original country the connection on the website is from, the original service that provided the access (direct, search engine, social network), what sort of device was used (computer, mobile, tablet), the most consulted and shared articles, visit times and dates.

Cookies are directly configured via your Internet browser and, depending on the sort you use, will allow you to systematically refuse cookies during browsing or authorize them case by case. You can find more information about cookies in the Annex.


5. Links to third websites

Seripress website can contain links to platforms of social media, managed by people or organizations our company doesn’t control. Thereby, Seripress cannot be hold responsible of the way your data would be stored or used on these third servers. We recommend you to read the general data protection policy of every third website you’ll access from our website to know how your personal data will be used.


6. Modifications of the present policy

Seripress is likely to modify the general data protection policy if needed. We will make sure to inform you about these modifications by a special mention on our website or by an individualized warning especially when we send newsletters.



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