Color profile of your document:

It is obviously preferable to work with a CMYK file dedicated to a four-color printing, unlike an RGB file dedicated to on-screen viewing. We use the ISO Coated v2 300% color profile.
The profiles make it possible to adapt, among other things, the inking to the support used, the inking will not be the same according to the surface, more or less smooth of the supports to be printed, (paper in general). The inking will be light for a smooth surface but powerful for a more irregular surface ...

The profile is there to regulate inking by playing on the percentages of frames, hence its importance. The ISO Coated v2 300% CMYK profile is a standard commonly used in conventional printing.
We strongly recommend that you assign this profile to your four-color files, it allows a colorimetric consistency between your file, our printing and your transfers.
This profile will also allow you to really master the four-color components of your colors. Any other color profile can therefore cause a real drift of the final rendering of your transfers.

 ISO Coated v2 300%


Warning regarding Pantone shades: Often used in graphic charts, Pantone shades require some precautions for use. It is preferable to first assign the ISO Coated v2 300% CMYK profile to your file and then choose your colors in the Pantone color chart of your software (ideally the Pantone chart ColorBridge Coated).
It is also important to use your Pantone colors in four-color, avoid using Pantone in SPOT COLOR (color catalog). These SPOT COLORS may have problems with their non-four-color status when printing transfers.
We remind you that Pantone shades cover a color space that is larger than the four-color area. Some Pantone shades, particularly bright, for example, can not be reproduced identically, but only in a similar way.
In order to view the printed conversion of Pantone colors in Four Color Process, we recommend using the Pantone ColorBridge Coated color chart. This color chart is specifically dedicated to the process of printing Four-color process.And if you have special color requirements, you can of course contact the SERIPRESS sales department to adapt our process to your expectations: a detailed quote will be sent to you.

Pantone ColorBridge Coated

.acb Vector (Illustrator)

.aco Digital (Photoshop)


Deep black:

If you want a tonic and dense black, it is advisable to enrich your black process with Cyan Magenta and Yellow inks ... For the Black, often a little dull in four-color process; at the basic N100%, prefer the values ​​N100% + C100% + M100% + J100%, this powerful inking, that we control, will guarantee you a really deep black.