Frequently Asked Questions


Please read through this page to find answers to your enquiries about use or transfers. Do not hesitate to contact us for any other enquiry.


I cannot have access to my account with my password..

  • Click on « I forgot my password », you will receive a new password by email you will use to connect yourself. (You can modify it after your conexion). If it doesn't work out, please contact us by email.


I can not upload my file.

  • Please dowload the appropriate layout template in our pages « Prepare your artwork ». Copy and paste your files elements in our template layer and save this new file as a PDF. Please be sure all the layers are merged (but non flattened) and that the backgroung layer is clear. We also accept other files formats : .ai, .eps, .psd.


I can not upload my .pdf file.

  • If your file was made with Corel Draw, Please copy and paste all the elements in a New Document, save it again et upload it once again, once you have deleted the previous on from « My images ».

  • If the size of your file is more than 90Mo, you willl have to reduce its size.


The size detected by the website is not the same size I want to order : the website says my file is a A3 format but I want to order a A4 format.

  • Caution : our online tool takes in account the dimensions and the size of your artboard. You should download our A4 template layout. Then open it and copy and paste all your files ele. ments on the layer of our template. Save it and upload this new file in «My images ».

    You can also reduce yourself your artboard size to our A4 format dimensions : 194 x 281 mm. Please do not forget to delete your previous file.


I can not upload none of my files !

  • Please check your computer's operating system and your browser. We noticed it is sometimes impossible to upload files from Internet Explorer (IE) operating under Windows XP. Our technical teams are working to try to solve this issue.


I can upload my file but the status bar freezes at 100% and nothing more happens. 

  • Please check all the layers of your file are merged. Sometimes, our online tool can not display your file if the layers are not merged.
  • If the size of your file is more than 90Mo, you willl have to reduce its size.


I manage to upload my file to order One colour transfers.After analysis, a coloured box is displayed instead of my image.

  • This means your file does contain a background. You have to delete this background, then save again as a new file and upload it once again. You will have to begin again the analysis. Our online tool needs transparency in order to generate the «Final Preview ». Do not forget to delete the previous file from « My images ».


I would like to order a One colour transfer with a specfic pantone code that is not included in your colourguide.


The edges of my transfer does not print properly on my fabric.

  • Once the tranfer is heat presses, you have to wait until the paper and the garment are cold to peel-off the paper. If the garment moves when it is still hot, the edges of the transfers may not be properly glued to your garment. This may occur when the heat press open up too quickly : the paper is « drawned » towards the upper plate and the edges of the transfers may not be glued.
  • It is therefore very important your heat press open up progressively. In order to avaoid this issue, you can wipe a clean cloth on the paper transfers after the press has opened up and before you move the garment. Please be sure the heated plate is clean.


I need to print my transfers on windbreakers or on nylon garments and my transfers do not print.

  • Our transfers can be printed on almost every fabrics even on nylon or windbreakers. Prior printing testings may be necessary. Printing conditions are different from one fabric to another. Our advice is to print our transfers at 120 - 140°C during 15 to 25 secondes. But, on some nylon garments, you will only need 5 seconds at 105° C ! Please do not hesistate to do prior tests with different printing conditions (time and temperature). In all cases, paper has to be peel-off when cold. Please ask for our free samples. 


Can I print transfers on softshell ?

  • Well, it depends on the garments and the fabric itself. With softshell, we observe that the softshell colour migrates trough the transfer, once printed, more often with red or black softshell garments. You have to do prior test : print your transfer at 130°C during 25 seconds. Then place the garment near a heat source (radiators or direct sunlight) during 4 to 5 days. If you do not observe that migration, then you can print your transfers safely. If migration is observed, then transfers is not appropriate for your softshell garments and you may have to use embroidery instead.