Membrane heat press

Membrane heat press : the element that makes the difference is the membrane

Underneath the lower plate, the membrane inflates (thanks to the air supply) and thus distributes the pressure of the plate and the temperature throughout the article.

No more problem on the edges of the plate! No more "overpressure" in the center of the plate!


The membrane also makes it possible to equalize the differences in thickness of materials: the transfers can therefore be placed close to an over-thickness type zipper, buttons, seam, pockets ...

It is the ideal equipment for all types of clothing and luggage.

Membrane heat press: the advantages

In addition to the characteristics above, membrane heat presses have other advantages: : 

  • Automatic pressure control: Absolute production safety.
  • Possibility of reaching high pressures: 0.5 - 0.7 kg / cm² (which is not possible with a standard heat press)
  • Precise and reproducible temperature regulation.
  • Possibility to place a transfer close to an over-thickness type zipper or sewing ... It is ideal for luggage, clothes of all types.
  • Simple to use : the opening is automatic and progressive and the closing is easy.
  • Strong and durable structure.
  • Minimum compressed air consumption

Membrane heat press, discover the best of the range :