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Our screen-printed heat transfers: suitable for all professionals

The FourColor process transfer allows any professional to mark most textiles for events, promotion, fashion ... 
More and more logos and images created by communication agencies, designers, graphic designers contain gradients or multiple colors making the printing complex on textile.

Our win-win technique : linking off-set and screenprinting

To print screen-printed heat transfers, Printmytransfer.com implements a complex industrial process that combines the technical advantages of two technologies: offset and screenprinting.


Offset makes possible to obtain vivid colors, to reproduce all the visuals with flat surfaces and gradations of colors, photographs such as the "classic" printing does. In order for these colors to be vibrant regardless of the color of the fabric, a layer of opaque white is required. Screenprinting allows to print a covering white. We use highly resistant, elastic and ecological water inks.

The glue is also printed in screen-printing to ensure the transfer of the inks on most fabrics and the resistance to washing. The term « offset transfer » is sometimes used, today it is rather the term fourcolor screen-printed transfer that is used by professionals (who also sometimes speak of flockage to be printed on textile).

The advantages of offset screenprinting are huge : 

  • Unlimited number of colors
  • Reproduction of any type of visual, multicolor in flat surface or photo, with gradations of colors
  • Small size characters (such as copyright, registered ...) are printable
  • The undercoat of opaque white is printed in screenprinting with water-based inks. The opacity of this white is very strong which allows the colors to be very bright even on dark or black fabrics or "coarse" fabrics such as 600 denier polyester
  • The screen-printed transfer is delivered ready to press. So there is no stage of stripping: weeding nights and week-end is over!
  • Resistance to multiple household washes without loss of color, without detachment or cracking!
  • A simple press can be used to transfer these transfers to textiles. A press is an inexpensive working tool. Printmytransfer.com offers a rigorous selection of machines. These are not the cheapest of the market but they are the most qualitative and reliable. Wanting to save money on a press is a nonsense considering the high price of a textile article, the economy is quickly engulfed by quality problems.
  • You only buy when you sell! So no expensive machines to maintain, no highly qualified staff, no stocks of raw materials .... It's up to Printmytransfer.com to manage these settings for you!
  • Possibility of marking on demand by storing screenprinted heat transfers.


Nevertheless, like any technique, there is a small drawback: the white underlayer in screenprinting is set back (or smaller) than the elements or the image in fourcolor. Because of this, the edges of your image may have a color that changes a little depending on the color of the fabric. It is therefore often necessary to modify the files slightly for an optimal rendering. This is normally the work of specialized graphic designers, who make pre-press changes.


One solution: Printmytransfer.com

To remedy this problem, Printmytransfer.com has designed specialized software that allows you to make the necessary corrections online. In a few minutes you can change and get the desired final result on the selected fabric color. Thanks to this revolutionary tool, prices are now much lower, especially for small quantities. Delays are also faster. You can download the theoretical result and have it validated by your client.

The Onecolor screenprinted heat transfer is simpler, but therefore limited to one color. We have a selection of pantone colors and a very qualitative silver gray. Nevertheless, these transfers are made in screenprinting only. Screenprinting does not allow the printing of very small texts such as offset. Thanks to the software of Printmytransfer.Com you instantly know if your logo contains characters that can not be printed.


 IMPORTANT: Printmytransfer.com's industrial screenprinted transfer should not be confused with the transfer of other manufacturers who use the term "digital transfer".

The "digital transfer" combines a four-color printing with a photocopier and a white in screenprinting. This process is much less qualitative than the offset because the four-color inks of the photocopier mix with the white of screenprinting: you then obtain dull colors, blacks which are gray ... and the washability is very average.