Plastisol transfer, Plastisol inks & water inks

What is a Plastisol transfer ?

Plastisol transfer is a screen-printed transfer created with Plastisol inks. When it is ready, a heat press machine is needed to transfer the inks of the plastisol transfer to the textile, thanks to the heat of the press machine.


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Choosing the ink is essential for transfer design ! Indeed, the transfer quality is determined by the ink quality. 

Several sorts of inks : Plastisol inks and water inks

Different sorts of inks are used to create transfers. PrintMyTransfer uses water inks for most of the transfers and keeps Plastisol inks for some specific transfers.

What are Plastisol inks ?

Plastisol ink is used for plastisol screen-printed transfers (those transfers are more commonly called plastisol transfers).

Plastisol inks features :

  • They never dry on the screen
  • They never dry  in the stitches or else.
  • Production tools need to be cleaned with solvent. 

Use of Plastisol inks by PrintMyTransfer and Seripress

At PrintMyTransfer, we never use plastisol inks to print our screen-printing transfers. Plastisol inks are only used by Seripress for creating plastisol transfers with effects : swelling transfers (using pigments), glitter transfers, fluorescent transfers, etc.

For this type of transfers, the plastisol inks are the best choice. On the other hand, for any other sort of transfer, we prefer using water inks.

Why do we prefer using water inks for our transfers ?

At PrintMyTransfer, we use water inks for making most of our transfers. Using these inks allows us to make high-quality transfers in order to keep your textiles last longer.

We prefer using water inks for some reasons :

  • Water inks are ecological.
  • Water inks do not contain  phthalates or  pvc.
  • Water inks do not contain harmful or allergen substances.
  • They are resistant to high temperatures.
  • They are resistant to time !
  • They perfectly stick to fabric and can be printed on all supports.

transfert plastisol t shirt


For all these reasons, the transfers are of high-quality and working conditions are nicer for employees.

More, using water inks allows to create certified Oeko Tex transfers 


For more informations about Plastisol and water inks, please, ask your questions on the contact form.