Rush orders

RUSH orders

Do you need a transfer order very quickly? With the "rush orders" service, it's possible!

Rush orders, what is it?

express transfer order

PrintMyTransfer has implemented the "Rush Orders" service: a new flexible service, which meets your needs, to deliver you in unbeatable deadlines.

Benefit from the "Rush order" service, assure to be delivered in priority, under very short deadlines!

By placing your order in the mornings between 8 am and 11 am (within the limits of available stocks), your transfers are shipped the next day!



Rush orders, how does it work?

shipment 24h

The concept is easy :

  • Every day, the RUSH sale automatically opens at 8am and closes at 11am (or when it reaches the maximum quota).
  • Log in your personal space and, when ordering, click on the "Rush order" option.
  • Finalize the order process.
  • Your transfers will be shipped the next working day.

fast shipment mutli-color transfer

Why use the "Rush Order" service?

By offering a flexible organization, we allow you to come in priority on our production lines, and thus benefit from very short production leadtimes.

This also allows you to benefit from more flexibility and to be able to offer better responsiveness to your customers.



fast screen-printed transfer order

The "Rush order" service is open every day from 8am to 11am, subject to availability. You can check it on the main page of your personal space.

This option generates an additional cost of 40% on the transfers price.

The offer is limited to Four Color process items, limited to 2 items and 300 sheets per item, excluding the compliance option.


For any additional information, ask your questions throught the online-chat or via our contact form.