Serilight : economic CMYK

Serilight is a four color process transfer with no glue border and fine touch. 

Transfer resulting from the combination between the off-set printing and the classic screen printing, presenting a high quality result. The off-set allows a photo quality printing, with an unlimited number of colors.​

It can be used on both light and dark textiles and is suitable for most fabrics.

In this technique, an outline of the color of the textile is systematically added to the transfers. So all finesse is printable.



For non-washable fabrics and accessories made of nonwoven PP, PVC, EVA etc, a special transfer with a low temperature glue is required. The special glue option is not available for the Serilight heat transfers.


Order samples direclty in "My account", header "My basket" to see yourself the quality and result of our Superwhite transfer, or to realize washing tests.

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