Textile transfer

What is a custom textile transfer ?

Textile transfer is a process of high-quality printing that allows to customize any kind of textile. Textile transfer is made of screen-printing inks and is applied on your textiles thanks to a heat press .

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Order customized textile transfers

Why would you use the textile transfer ?

  • The outlines are accurate and clean : for  photos, logos and drawings, the outlines are accurate (there is no cutting process).
  • Obviously our transfers are high-quality! The design is time-resistant and is not damaged after many machine washings.
  • There is no limitation  of colors : all the colors are possible. Textile transfers can be colored (four-color offset transfers) or monocolor. Textile transfers can also be printed on dark or light fabric. (For more informations about colorimetry, click here.)
  • No minimal quantity required : our production process is very flexible and can be adapted to all your needs, for small or big series.
  • Last (but not least !) we have attractive prices that gradually decrease with volumes.

What kind of textiles for customized textile transfers ?

Textile transfer is suitable for every kind of textile !

It suits for classic textiles : sweaters, t-shirts, socks, shorts, coats, caps, ... And to supposedly more fragile textiles : umbrellas, suitcases or windbreakers.

As a flexible process, you can have transfers for dark or light textiles.

Customized textile transfers allows to mark material such as cotton, polyester, elasthane supports... 

Thus, you have no textile limitation and you are free to choose !

Where can you get textile transfers ?

You can directly order your customized textile transfers online if you log in here. You only need to import your files, visualize the result, select the printing options and order !

You will receive your transfers, ready to apply, depending on our delivery delays.

Our transfers are made in France, in our factory in Saint Marcellin (38). For more informations about our production factory, click here.

Transfer techniques, can we do something more than textile transfers ? 

We offer different marking techniques via transfer to extend customization to luggage, footwear (shoes and soles) with low-temperature transfers used for non-woven, EVA, PP, etc.

There are other existing transfer techniques that allow to diversify the supports. Notably advertising items, including mugs, notebooks, badges, glass, etc.