Our tutorials to ease your screen-printed heat transfers orders

Discover our online-tool by viewing the tutorials : 

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IMPORTANT : Our website allows you to check the conformity of your file and edit a DIGITAL PROOF of your transfers, on the fabric color chosen by you.


Thanks to this online software, you will be able to control your files before printing in order to visualize the virtual result onto your fabric color.

For dark fabric colors, the software will show you the result of your file and will propose you different corrections you can select to adapt the transfer to your fabric color : we suggest to choose first the CORRECTION N°1 for all dark fabric colors.

If you must put the same transfer on different fabric colors, we suggest to prepare a file for each fabric color.

If you want to create a whole sheet with combined logos, you must choose a template in superior dimensions than your original file and put the logos as many times as you need for each color fabric. Our software will then propose to "cut" your file by zone and to apply the fabric color in these zones.

When you have completed this validation process, you will be able to download the DIGITAL PROOF before ordering. 


Only this document, accepted by you, is authentic : no further inspection will be carried out by our sales or pre-press teams.