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FourColor process : multiple color CMYK

FourColor process is a CMYK screen-printed transfer combining offset printing and traditional screen-printing. Offset allows photo-quality printing and an unlimited range of colours. The printing detail is outstanding.

These multi-color transfers are created on an opaque white undercoat and a powdered base-coat, providing good elasticity and opacity.

The glue edging makes application easy and ensures good resistance to washing.

> Options available on request to your sales representative : special colours, fluorescent and glitter.


FourColor can be used on many types of fabric, light and dark.

  • Light weight clothing : T-shirts, vests, polo shirts...
  • Outdoor clothing : coats, wind cheaters...
  • Accessories / Luggage : tote-bags, umbrellas, caps, scarves, bags...



  • 60°C care
  • Heat press application between 130°C to 180°C depending on the fabric
  • Cold peel backing paper
  • Rush Order delivery option available
  • Option to be sent free samples (request by email)


  • High quality marking
  • Very elastic
  • Detail and fine line printing
  • Unlimited number of colors
  • High reststance to whasing
  • Iron friendly
  • Without PVC, phtalates or BPA



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Useful information !

The opaque white undercoat, used for colour optimisation, can cause the apparition of a thin, slightly darker outline to the transfer.

Color management  : With FourColor, the colour management is automated. If you have specific colour requirements, please contact Seripress directly using our contact form, for a personal analysis of your request.

Low-temperature glue : For non washable supports and non-woven PP, PVC, EVA items, transfers need to be supplied with a low temperature thermal glue. This ‘special glue’ option is not available on the website: Please submit your request by email.