Feedback on our Seripress alternative mask venture

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Feedback on our Seripress alternative mask venture

Feedback on our venture to create Seripress masks for the general public

Following the World wide pandemic and the lock down announcement in France of the 16 March, we decided to close our premises to safeguard our staff. This unprecedented situation raised numerous issues focusing on staff welfare, maintaining full employment, and mitigating the irreversible impact upon our business. The analysis of numerous options clearly illustrated that we had to maintain production, albeit at a reduced capacity, to make progress.

As for so many others, we were confronted with the scarcity of personal protective equipment, and notably the inability to acquire masks and sanitiser gel.

Our management therefore turned to our capacity for innovation and assessed the feasibility of adapting our production tools to create our own protective face masks. In record time, Seripress' in-house team, including our visionary researchers and talented technicians, designed and made an innovative washable protective face mask, without any seams nor elastic, fabricated using thermal adhesion and hot presses.

Refined by a battery of tests and trials, we have created a protective face mask for the general public, 100% made in France, ultra light to wear, in accordance with AFNOR guidance, and layering system tested by the DGA. The first production batch was distributed to our teams so that they are fully protected, with a partial return to work under strict sanitary procedures.

Acutely aware of the despair of local government and businesses who could not envisage an economic opening without an alternative source of protective masks, we ramped up to an industrial production capacity. Facing increased demand and urgency, we reconfigured our factory to be able to produce in greater quantity and thus help more people. Upon receipt of our masks by the local government, demand increased further still for our masks but this time from the general public. To channel this demand we created a dedicated online shop.

The sums invested are considerable and will not be recouped, but we are happy to be able to make our modest contribution in the fight against Covid-19, as are many french businesses in particular in the textile sector.

Protective face masks, but not only...

This unprecedented crisis reminds us, amongst others things, of the absolute necessity of pulling together. Protective masks are now a part of our daily life and humanist values such as the respect for, and protection of, the most vulnerable are to the forefront. We are learning to detect the signs, to recognise the smiles hidden behind our masks.

The face we present to the outside World has changed and this new symbol of protection & health offers the opportunity to make an impact or reinforce brand loyalty.

Though the current context has led to us developing our protective face mask, Seripress is known first & foremost in Europe for our screen printing of the last 40 years. It therefore seems logical to us to combine personal protection with visual marketing.

Hence why we have prepared a special offer of a protective mask with a transfer for you to apply. The transfer should be no larger than 4 cm x 2 cm because, although it is a striking means of marketing, the mask fulfils a serious function which remains one of the best means of combatting the spread of the virus.

And, if you already have washable protective face can always apply one of our transfers which is fully washable at 60ºC.

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