End of year festivities? Eco-responsible creative textile supports for better messaging

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Christmas, New year…it’s the ideal time to please your clients whilst remaining eco-responsible. And, these two goals are perfectly compatible! There are even some judicious solutions encouraging the act of purchasing, communicating effectively about your company, whilst reducing one’s environmental footprint.
Great for corporate communication whilst attaining sales objectives. With wrapping paper being a topical subject at this time of year due to the waste it generates, it’s an opportunity to review packaging this winter.
Furthermore, in the current situation, it even more important to draw in clients with thoughtful and attractive attention to detail.

Furoshiki, the textile trend not to be missed

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese folded and tied wrapping cloth. It is increasingly popular at Christmas being both attractive and reusable. It can, for example, be branded with your logo for long lasting impact whilst being festive and creative. Furoshiki can be handed from person to person as the years pass, thus maintaining your presence over the long term in a most original manner.
And, just between us, it has to be said…its much easier than wrapping presents in paper: A real time saver for your teams!

Pouches, added value for you and your clients

Pouches can, of course, simply facilitate the transport of objects, but more importantly they can become an additional and complimentary accessory providing an advantage over the competition. Able to perform as packaging, gift wrapping, object case, small tote bag…they become their own gift, able to be used and reused ad infinitum for your products or other items. Easily branded, do not hesitate to play upon the messaging, the visual effects and graphics to make an impact.
And, if your vision is more ambitious, go for XXL pouches: A true ‘Christmas stocking’ that will grab attention.

Tote bag, the essential item for textile branding

The essential tote bag still has a long life ahead of it. It remains the most useful textile support for branding, friendly and influential ! Its size can be tailored to your clientele, with the tote bag conveying your corporate message with intelligent subtlety. By its nature it communicates to a wide audience, and offers a large canvas for visual creativity.

And you, what have you anticipated for your clients this festive season ?


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