What is softshell ?

What is softshell ?

What is softshell ?

The word “softshell” designates clothes equipped with softshell technology. This technology realizes clothes combining softness, protection against bad weather and heat : it’s a mix between windbreaker and fleece.

Softshell technology is particularly appreciated by people who practice outdoor activities and need an all-in-one to be ready for any situation.

Softshell technology is made of several layers :

  • First layer : A water resistant membrane to protect from rain and keep dry.
  • Second layer : A breathable film provides softness to the clothes, making them more enjoyable.
  • Third layer : The fleece layer fights against cold.

Softshell is a warm garment made to resist against bad weather. 


Customize your Softshell clothes !


Softshell coats... but not only !

Softshell technology is mostly used to make spring and winter coats. This type of garment is indeed really adapted to this technology. Actually, other garments can be realized with this technology, such as gloves, trousers, etc.

So, you can have the whole for being totally protected in the outdoor to get a great comfort !

Softshell, who is it for ?

Softshell clothes can mostly be used for :

  • Sports : Sports association and clubs like Softshell because of its lightness and technicality.
  • Professionals : Softshell working clothes are used by outdoor business sectors, such as building and public works.
  • Hobbies : Softshell is particularly appreciated for outdoor hobbies, such as hiking, running or biking.

Softshell, advantages

Softshell technology is mainly liked by sportspeople and more generally people having outdoor activities, thanks to its many advantages :

  • This technology has 3 essential elements : Protection against any weather, comfort and breathing !
  • Resistance against bad weather : This technology resists against many sorts of bad weather, rain, snow, wind, etc.
  • Comfort : thanks to its several layers, the garment gives a good liberty of movement
  • Practicality :Softshell is an all-in-one product ! Instead of taking a windbreaker and a fleece, one only garment is needed and you can save space !
  • Style : It’s important to remember that Softshell’s main advantage is a close fitting garment, insuring a perfect silhouette..

Softshell, disadvantages

Even if it is an appreciated matter, Softshell also has some inconveniences :

  • It’s a particularly delicate fabric : it needs to be taken care of !
  • Depending on the chosen Softshells, waterproofing is not always optimum.
  • These textiles are versatile, but versatility means a lower performance ! Indeed, if you have to face really bad weather, Softshell will not be enough.


Have you thought of customizing your Softshell coats ? More informations about customizing Softshells here 

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