How to wash your customized textiles

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How to wash your customized textiles

You ordered a customized textile, you got it. It was really nice. It was your new favourite piece of clothing but... It got worn out and you had to throw it away.

Why did it deteriorate ? And more important, what should you do to spare it next time ?

Why are your customized clothes getting worn out so quickly ?

The main reason of deterioration of the customized textile are :

The quality of textile

Cotton, linen, polyester and derivatives... There are many types of fabric. But their resistance and functions differ from one to another. That is why it is important to choose the right textile according to your needs. 

Marking technique

Screen-printed transfer, digital printing, flocking... There are many printing techniques, with different requirements and possibilities. So, it is essential to choose the printing technique, adapted to what you need. In order to help you, here is a comparison of the different printing techniques.


If you are sure about the previous causes, the origin of the problem may have a different origin. If the initial product is good-quality, the problem is probably due to washing method. Indeed, bad washing is often the cause of hasty deterioration of customized textiles.

How should you wash your customized clothes to make them last ?

It is not a secret. To make customized clothes last, you must take care of them ! It starts with a successful washing step.

Here are a few tricks to avoid a quick deterioration of your clothes and to be able to wear your favourite customized t-shirt for some more years !

Washing trick no1 : Turn your clothes over

First, clothes must be turned over. Why so ? Well, because it will protect your clothes against greying and will protect the artworks. 

Washing trick no2 : Hand-wash or at 30°C

The traditional hand-wash is known as the safest washing technique. You only need a basin, a non-aggressive soap, good will and that’s all ! However, some could be discouraged by hand-wash (yes, it is longer and requires more efforts!).

In this case, there is no problem, you can prefer to use a machine ! A 30°C washing will always be better (or 40°C maximum). Cold water washing is always preferable because it avoids textile deformation and finding unpleasant surprises when hanging clothes out.

Don’t forget to take a look at the label on your clothes. Washing informations are written on it.

Washing trick no3 : Dry in the open air, or with clothes dryer (if you have Seripress transfers)

For most customized textiles, we recommend not to use a dryer : clothes are more quickly dried but not all the customized textiles are adapted to dryer (except if you enjoy surprises :) ). 

However, if your customized textiles are from PrintMyTransfer or Seripress, there is no problem using dryer. Indeed, our transfers are especially made for dryer and resist to repeated dryings.

Washing trick no4 : Ironing the underside

When the textile is dry, it is time for ironing ! It is preferable to turn the textile inside out to avoid artwork deterioration from the iron heat.


Here you are ! You are ready to keep your clothes for a longer time !   

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