How does it work ?

Printmytransfer, a tool dedicated to professionals to manage their screen-printed, fourcolor process and onecolor process orders online. is the only website for online ordering of fourcolor process, onecolor process and sublistop screen-printed heat transfers that checks the virtual result of your file online and simulates the pressed transfer on your color fabric. It also proposes corrections to view online.

The transfers sizes are : A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 and A8. (more infos in the heading « prepare your files »). 

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Quality manufacturing by SERIPRESS.

Printmytransfer, how does it work?

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The features of :

  • Get your free quote online: exclusive prices only for orders placed on

  • Access to our templates: Download our templates for the preparation of your files in combined sheets

  • Check the result: Verify yourself the compliance of your files to be printed in transfer thanks to our verification and simulation tool

  • View and download the result on the chosen fabric: View the final result of your screen-printed transfer on the selected fabric color and download the result accepted by you, which is authentic for your orders (no further inspection will be carried out by our sales or pre-press teams).

  • Track your order online

  • Access to a fully secure space to store your files, quotes and orders

  • Online help: Check our FAQ section and ask your questions through our Chat-online support. Quality Manufacturing by SERIPRESS

The manufacturing is carried out by SERIPRESS: a true printing company specialized in the printing of fourcolor process, onecolor process and sublistop screen-printed transfers. You just need a heat press to transfer the transfers, printed and delivered within a few days.

You receive exactly what you have validated online, without additional delay related to the pre-press operations.

If you are already a SERIPRESS customer, please note that the company and its sales team will not be able to inform you about the orders placed on The two commercial offers are totally independent.

Benefit of the web exclusives :

  • Quotations and web prices are available only for the orders placed on the site
  • Free delievery for orders above €300 (UE only).

For any order placed outside the site, our sales team will be able to send you quotations and informations.

Warning :

In FourColor process technique, colors are processed automatically, if you have particular colorimetric requirements (graphic charter, pantone to respect ...), you must contact our sales team for an appropriate follow-up of your specific request. Please contact us at (or your usual dedicated contact person if you are a SERIPRESS customer). A detailed quote will then be sent to you

For any other request for screen-printed heat transfers (in OneColor with a pantone not listed in our color chart, in a different format than those proposed, in a different technique, etc ...), please contact our sales team at