Preparing your files & artwork

To use our online services for your heat transfers in combiened sheets and boards, we strongly advise you beforehand to download our PDF templates (usable with illustrator, photoshop in particular):

This template will help you in designing your file and you will then be sure that your transfer will be printed in the correct size.


A8 Template

A7 Template

A6 Template

A5 Template

A4 Template

A3 Template

Portrait 36x58 mm Portrait 58x89 mm Portrait 89x132 mm  Portrait 132x194 mm Portrait 194x281 mm Portrait 281x404 mm
Landscape 58x36 mm Landscape 89x58 mm Landscape 132x89 mm Landscape 194x132 mm Landscape 281x194 mm Landscape 404x281 mm


CAUTION : Your files have to be to scale 



Use of templates :

  • Open the template with the corresponding software and save this file under the name of your choice.

  • To begin your editing, you can work directly on the « template » layer.

  • Make your layout with the different elements that will make up your board. Be careful that no element is placed on the gray frame.

  • We ask you to use images at 300 dpi or vectorized for the composition of your boards / files.

  • Your files and images have to be in the usual reading way : images do not need to be reflected.


To save money, adapt the size of the template to the dimensions of your file, and do not waste time to make combined sheets in A3 size.



How to send your files?

You must send compliant files prepared by you in the framework of the combined sheets size, in the heading "Mes Images"

The BEST file format​ :

  • The best file format is a vector PDF files or a digital PDF file with at least 300 dpi resolution.

  • The sofware also accept other vector files format (with outlined fonts), or digital (at least 300dpi, non-flattened), such as .ai, .eps or .psd.

  • In One-color process, the fine details or the blanks must be at least 0.8 dot (0.3mm) or 4 pixels at 300 dpi resolution.
  • Your file does not contain any background layer (white or colored).
  • Four Color process : White texts or zones must not contain any CYMK values.
  • Your image must be in the usual reading way.
  • Colorimetric values : Printmytransfer uses the ISO Coated color space v2 300% (CMYK color process). If your file has another space, it will automatically be converted to ISO Coated v2 300%.

Pantone shade warning: Often used in graphic charts, the Pantone colors will be converted by the software, in four-color values ​​according to the ISO profile Coated v2 300%. We remind you that the Pantone colors, because of their manufacturing process, have a wider color space than the four-color space. Certain Pantone shades, particularly bright for example, can not be reproduced identically, but only in an approaching way. To view the printed Pantone color conversion in four-color process, we recommend that you use the Pantone ColorBridge Coated color chart. And if you have specific colorimetric requirements, you can of course contact the SERIPRESS sales department to adapt our process to your expectations more precisely: a detailed estimate will then be sent to you.

For more information about colorimetry, click here


Outlines : Because of the different layers that make up our SERIQUADRI and SUBLISTOP transfers, and printing-related calibration constraints, the external outlines on the prints must be at least of 1.5 dots. These values ​​allow a calibration tolerance and guarantee that the result of the transfers will meet your expectations.


Compliance option (30€ flat rate):

The compliance with digital proof is a flat rate option available for the web orders. It's a manual intervention from our graphic designers on your file. 
It can include minor corrections such as :
- fine details adaptation
- color changing in the drawing 
- the treatment of white undercoat regarding shadows and gradients
- the trimming of the patterns (removal of the background) possible or not according to the quality of the file
This compliance doesn't allow to improve the quality of the original file and doesn't include designing. 



IMPORTANT : Our website allows you to check the conformity of your file and edit a DIGITAL PROOF of your transfers, on the fabric color you have chosen.

Thanks to this online software, you will be able to control your files before printing in order to visualize the virtual result onto your fabric color.

For dark fabric colors, the software will show you the result of your file and will propose you different corrections you can select to adapt the transfer to your fabric color : we suggest to choose first the CORRECTION N°1 for all dark fabric colors.

If you must put the same transfer on different fabric colors, we suggest to prepare a file for each fabric color.

If you want to create a whole sheet with combined logos, you must choose a template in superior dimensions than your original file and put the logos as many times as you need for each color fabric. Our software will then propose to "cut" your file by zone and to apply the fabric color in these zones.

When you have completed this validation process, you will be able to download the DIGITAL PROOF before ordering.

Only this document, accepted by you, is authentic : no further inspection will be carried out by our sales or pre-press teams.