What is a screen printed heat transfer?

What is a screen-printed heat transfer?

Screen-printed heat transfers are a combination of litho printing and traditional screen-printing. By combining the two processes, you get the quality and detail of an offset print, with the characteristics of a traditional transfers, such as stretch, durability and wash resistance. The adhesives make it possible to decorate many types of textile or fabric.

The advantages of screen printing transfer:

  • With its great quality for details, screen-printed heat transfers are ideal for technical & graphical designs, photos thanks to our onecolour and full colour process.
  • Unlike digital transfer that can loose its characteritics due to repeated washing cycles, screen-printed transfer is a high quality solution for decorating textiles.
  • The edges of your transfers are just perfect because our transfer is ready to print and does not require any cutting step (only inks are printed on your fabric).
  • Our transfers are ideal for delicate apparel & accessories such as parkas, umbrellas, windbreakers or raincoats, bags and bags articles…
  • Best value for events and promotional give-aways: ideal for photorealistic transfers
  • No additionnal costs to print on dark colours, unlike digital transfers.


Our transfers are suitable for all kinds of apparel and articles, clear and dark colours alike.

Screen printed transfers are awesome on caps, T-shirts, bags, parkas, umbrellas…. 

How to print a transfer with a heat press?