How can you make customized sport T-shirts ?

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How can you make customized sport T-shirts ?

As a sport club, you can give your players and/or members sport T-shirts that represent you ! Some questions need to be asked : what can be put on the sport shirt ? How and where can you order customized sport T-shirts ?

The sport clubs often use screen-printed transfers to mark their t-shirts.

What can you put on a sport t-shirt ?

On your sport shirts, you can mark whatever you want ! The elements that are the most often used to personalize the sport shirts are :

  • The players’ numbers
  • The players’ names
  • The sport club logo
  • The club partners’ logos
  • The club slogan
  • Etc.

You now have a more precise idea of the elements you want on your club sport shirts. You only have to order them now ! 

How can you customize your sport T-shirts ?

There are different techniques to get your sport t-shirts customized. One of the most often used for sport is screen-printed transfer : motives are printed on a paper medium with inks, then they are transfered on the sport shirts via a heat press machine. For more informations about screen-printed transfer, click here. 

Why use screen-printed transfer for customizing sport shirts?

We highly recommended this technique because it has many advantages for a sport use:

  • Sport shirts are usually made of specific fabrics (polyester, lycra, etc.) Most transfers are conceived to be applied perfectly on this kind of textile.
  • Bad weather resistance : depending on your sport, you may have to practice outdoor. It is not a problem, the transfer is resistant to any bad weather condition ! 
  • Washing resistance : we know that, after any match or training session, sport shirts are to be washed. They usually are used during a whole season. They must be washing resistant during this period.

Instructions for ordering your customized sport t-shirts.

Customized t-shirts : for which sports ?

T-shirts can be customized for any sport ! We can make customized sport t-shirts for team sports :

  • Football clubs
  • Handball clubs
  • Basketball clubs
  • Volleyball clubs
  • Rugby clubs
  • E-sport clubs

And also for individual sports like tennis, badminton, horse riding, etc.

T-shirts can also be made for your supporters and members in order to promote the club !

Besides the teams, there are a lot of reasons to customize your sport club shirts.

Why would you customize your sport club shirts ?

First of all, customizing your club sport shirts makes them different from the other teams ! Every club has its own specific identity that must be spread by all available means.

During a tournament, you need to show who you are, through your presentation, your clothes, and your members’ clothes ! Think of the mass effect when a whole group wears your colors !

After customizing sport shirts you can also customize other textiles : sweaters, shorts, socks, polo shirts, parkas, etc.

You can do whatever you want with screen-printed heat transfer because it is adapted to any textile ! 

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