How to personalize Tshirts ?

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How to personalize Tshirts ?

For an event, a business creation, or simply to spread a message, you want to make customized t-shirts, or, as we say, to mark your T-shirts. How are designed your t-shirts and what should you do? On the way to the main stages!
How is a t-shirt marked ?

Customized t-shirt - Step 1 - Creating a picture/logo at  the right format

Of course, first of all, you need to have something to print on your t-shirt ! It can be a logo, a photo or a picture, that’s the creation step.

Once it is done, the important thing is your file format. High-quality is needed. The higher the quality of the initial file is, the higher the result will be. 

For an optimal quality and a finished t-shirt as good as expected, we recommend you the following formats : .AI, .PSD, PDF, EPS.

For more information about file formats, click here:

Step 2 - Choose the textile of your customized t-shirt

When the picture has been created, you must think of the textile on which you will print it. You must define :

  • The textile type :  t-shirt, cap, sweater, etc.
  • The type of fabric : Organic cotton, polyester, linen, cotton/elasthane, softshell, nylon, etc.
  • The textile color : Light or dark

You now can visualize your project more clearly. Let’s practice and make customized textiles !

Step 3 - Ordering a screen-printed transfer : the preferred technique to mark t-shirts

You must know there is not an only solution to meet this need. Every technique has its advantages and disadvantages. We are now going to present the screen-printed transfer, one of the best known marking techniques, which meets most of the textile, color and matter needs. The ideal choice for your t-shirt !

It is very adaptable : it is known for its professional result and its long-term quality. It is suitable for many projects and it is our favourite technique.


In a few words, screen-printed transfer consists in the heat transfer of screen-printing inks, previously put on an intermediary transfer paper. This operation is done via a press kept at a certain temperature.

Concretely, how does it work to get your transfer done ?

It’s quite easy ! Send your artwork via the website, from which you can make modifications on your initial artwork and see the result. Then, the transfers are factory-made and sent in packages.

For more informations about the techniques for creating screen-printed transfers, please click here.

Step 4 - T-shirt marking : apply the screen-printed transfer thanks to a heat press machine

After receipt of the transfers, the last step consists in applying your transfers on the t-shirts thanks to a heat press machine.

heat press is a plate-made press that permits, thanks to the heat produced, to bond the screen-printed transfer on your textile. 

For more informations about how using a heat press machine, please, read this article :


That’s it ! You now know how to mark your t-shirts and get customized t-shirts !

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